Trains Babies Etc

So we love weddings.  Got it.  We love dogs!  Got it.  What about the hubby?  hmm. 


Yard Limit Productions Steam Train Durango

My husband loves trains.  Trains??  I mean, trains!!  Since you probably have fiances, husbands, dads, brothers, nephews and uncles who also love trains, we have provided a link to some great photographic art of steam, diesel and gas powered trains, by Yard Limit Productions.  Frame up something special for them or just get them a photo they are sure to love.  If nothing else, there is even a set of notecards so they may write you a thank you.  Follow this link to gorgeous Train photos.

Baby - Coming Soon!

The next step, after marriage, is often having babies.  Perhaps you made that step first.  Either way, we found some nice gifts for babies and mom's.  Follow this link to Baby.


Non-traditional Wedding Jewelry - Coming Soon!

 We have also decided to offer some items which are more non-traditional wedding items, like jewelry.  Great when you want a little something just for yourself, or great gifts for others.  Follow this link to Non-traditional.


Remember, all profits, yup, 100%, go to help dogs in need.

So shop a bit and let us know what you think!